Tobisk Music and Tobisk Media

About Tobisk

Qualification and Education

Tobias Keller, also known as Tobisk found his talent in creating software architectures, producing multimedia content and deejaying, which all requires technical knowledge as well as outstanding problem solving capabilities and the ability to think creatively. This qualification enabled him to acquire a wide variety of in-depth knowledge all across different topics of multimedia such as music recording and post-production, live-video production in Live-TV-Quality, software development and consulting customers in creating complex but easy to use multimedia systems.

Born at the dawn of the 90s Tobias grew up in a small village in Bavaria where he composed the first songs on grandpa’s old synthesizer (while being at kindergarten age, which – to be honest – sounded terrible), created a complex software system for managing warehouse content of an event company and many things more.
Back in 2011 he moved to Darmstadt, when he started to study IT science. Around this time, he had a side-job in stage lighting and sound, where he learned a lot about event management and audio systems.
Since 2015 he also has his main job as a software architect at, a company creating a software as a service learning management system.

What I love about Tobias is his hands-on mentality. No matter what the task is, Tobias finds a solution and gets right to it. I have seen this in software architecture, trade-show planningor any other complex task. (Konstantin Ristl,

Becoming a Deejay

After moving to Darmstadt, he also started to fall in love with salsa dancing and the music, especially latin jazz like "Al Delory" or "New Swing Sextett" and started to dance salsa. Some time later, he started to learn bachata and connected to the local scene.

In 2014, he composed his first zouk song, which he produced in 2015 together with a friend from the local salsa scene. Then, in 2018, influenced by remixes from Daeil Cha and others, he started remixing bachata music and in 2019, he tried deejaying (and not just playing playlists) for the first time on public parties.

Finally, in January 2020, Tobias started Tobisk Media and together with local clubs and event managers, hosts salsa and sensual parties in the wider Frankfurt region.

While Tobias has a wide collection of salsa music (Mostly for linea style) bachata sensual and zouk, he is specialized at playing latin jazz, mambo and bachata fusion.

I see Tobias as a specialist for playing modern and state of the art bachata music while having all the technical knowledge required to make it sound perfect on the dance floor (Holger,

Multimedia Consulting

Since Tobias started sound and light as a hobby for his school back in 2005 and later when he turned 18 started jobbing in that area, he could collect lots of knowledge around setting up and designing light and sound systems, producing video and managing events from a technical point of view.

Since then Tobias uses this knowledge to find practical solutions for local theatres, dancing schools and other businesses, finding and creating solutions to manage members and staff and creating solutions as well as automations for sound and light systems of that venues.

Tobias was able to understand the complex situation in all of our joint projects and provided a future oriented solution pointing out and avoiding possible future pitfalls (Chris DC, LaCalidad)