Tobisk Music and Tobisk Media

Deejaying & Music Production

Tobias plays hand-­selected Bachata, Salsa and Zouk Music on the dance floor, spe­cia­lized on play­ing Bachata Fusion and Mambo Salsa.

With Tobisk Music, Tobias also pro­du­ces mo­dern soun­ding Bachata Re­mix­es as well as con­tract pro­duc­tions for bands and mu­si­cians.

Check out Music pro­duced by Tobisk on YouTube or get book­ing in­for­ma­tion or the tech­nical rider if you want to book Tobisk as a Deejay


These are some of my releases, some of them are Bootlegs/ Remixes, some of them are originals. For the full list of releases check out the Youtube channel.

About Tobias

Tobias, also known as Tobisk found his talent in pro­ducing mul­time­dia con­tent, cre­ating complex software archi­tec­tures and deejaying, which all requires tech­nical know­ledge as well as out­stan­ding prob­lem sol­ving capa­bilities and the ability to think creatively.

This qua­lifi­cation enabled him to acqui­re a wide va­riety of in-­depth know­ledge all across dif­ferent topics of multi­media such as [...]

Multimedia Consulting & Live Streaming

Creating multimedia solutions for his cus­to­mers is one of Tobias' pas­sions. These so­lu­tions span from au­to­mated mul­ti­me­dia and light­ing sys­tems all the way to cus­to­mized soft­ware and work­flow au­to­ma­tion.

Since mid 2020 customers in­crea­sing­ly re­ques­ted cus­tom strea­ming so­lu­tions Tobisk Media pro­vided as well as te­le­vi­sion style live pro­duc­tion with a com­plete pro­duc­tion team.