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Deejay Booking

Booking Contact

If you want to book me, contact me via:

E-Mail: tobi[at]
Phone/ WhatsApp: +49 6151 629 314 0

Please attach the following information to your booking request:

  • Event Date (Start and expected End time)
  • Event Location
  • Amount and Musical Styles of Dancefloors
  • Music you expect me to play (The more detailed you can get here, the better)
  • Time of Soundcheck
  • Crew Parking and equipment loading


If you have any questions or might be unable to fulfill the minimum requirements mentioned below, please inform me about this - in time - before the gig.

Should problems occur during the gig because you ignored or violated the abovementioned minimum requirements without prior consultation (e.g. not enough space for my equipment, no parking possible or shunting cars DURING the gig, dancefloor not visible from the DJ location to name just some examples), I might abort the gig at 100% charge or charge up to 100% on top of the regular fee.

If you cancel a booking less then 30 days before the event I will charge 50% of the billable rate as well as any expenses (e.g. for specialized music). If you cancel a booking less then 14 days before the event, I will charge 100% of the billable rate. If you cancel a booking on the day of the event, I will charge 100% of the billable rate as well as any billable extras (e.g. travel cost).

If you have ordered technical equipment (e.g. Sound or Lightsystems) these charges may have stricter cancellation policies.

Technical and Organizational Requirements

To ensure quick changeover and a hastle free experience during your event, please provide the following conditions and technical equipment on the event location:

Deejay Desk and Storage

I need a DJ table with at least 38x90cm free desk space at a reasonable standing height (at least 83cm high up to a maximum of 100cm high) and reasonable placement (should provide a view of most of the dancefloor).

I also need at least 100x50x50cm of secure storage space for Bags and Cases during the event, that I can access at any time, especially during setup and after the event while packing. That might be under the DJ desk or in a separate locked room.

Sound System and Connections

You have to provide an adequate sound system for the location and amount of people. It needs to fulfill one of the following conditions:
  • a setup where you can hear the sound quality and volume on the complete dancefloor from the DJ Table
  • or a sound technician that takes care of the sound on the dancefloor

in either case I need two XLR or two RCA (Chinch) Inputs near the DJ Table for connecting to your soundsystem.

Musical Style and Song Requests

I am mostly a performance DJ and only do Open Format on Request.

  • My main musical style is Salsa (Mambo, Guaguanco and Latin Jazz musical styles) and Bachata (Sensual and Fusion musical styles). I also play SOME Reaggaeton and just started out with House and Tech House. Any songs from other musical style are very likely not part of my library.
  • If you insist of having the possibility of song requests during the gig that might not be part of my library, you also have to provide a stable WiFi Connection at the DJ desk for loading or streaming the required songs.
    As I only deejay with high quality songs and don't use streaming services in my normal DJ setup, I will not be able to support music requests from streaming services if you haven't explicitly requested this.

Parking and Travelling

I usually travel by car, if the event is inside of germany. The travel cost is part of my daily rate if the event is in the rhein main area (Darmstadt, Frankfurt, Aschaffeburg, Wiesbaden, Mainz, Hanau, Mannheim, Heidelberg). Outside of that range I charge the usual travel fee according to german tax law.

You have to provide parking that is close to the event location that does not require moving the car DURING the event. If you cannot provide adequate parking (e.g. the parking lot is in a no-parking zone and I will likely get a ticket or someone else is parking in that parking lot) I will add the parking and/or taxi charges to your bill.

Promotional Material

If you have booked me for an event, you can use my promotional material for your flyers and advertisement. This archive contains pictures and logos in high resulutions.

Download press kit

Please note that when referring to me in your promotional material such as flyers and event descriptions you shall not refer to myself as "DJ Tobisk", you can phrase it like "DJ: Tobisk" or "Music by Tobisk". If you would refer to "Prince Royce", you wouldnt refer to him as "Singer Prince Royce" as well.