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Dead Line - A Technological Dystopia

A Thriller by Tobias S. Keller

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In "Dead Line - A Technological Dystopia" readers are taken on a thrilling journey through the world of cyber warfare, corruption, and moral dilemmas.

The story opens with Professor Kurt Pellmann's harrowing experience of being trapped and tortured for information by the ruthless Agent Waltz from World Corp.'s Network Police. As Pellmann struggles to endure the relentless interrogation, he recalls his former student, Frederickson, whose loyalty is tested when he's asked to extract information from Pellmann. As the narrative unfolds, readers are introduced to Mia Seiert, a skilled cybersecurity expert. Her personal life is burdened by her mother's deteriorating health due to dementia induced by a tumor.

Some day, she receives a mysterious message from her former professor, Pellmann. He reveals critical information about her aborted research on quantum encryption, linking it to staged terror attacks and corporate corruption. Mia's sense of purpose is reignited as she receives a flash drive containing the algorithm she developed years ago, leading her to uncover the truth about World Corp.'s sinister intentions.

As Mia embarks on her investigation, the story explores her struggles with her past, relationships, and the pervasive influence of World Corp. The intricate web of power dynamics in the digital world becomes apparent as Mia faces mounting frustration and dead ends in her quest for evidence. Despite the isolation and pressure, Mia remains steadfast in her determination to expose the truth. The narrative takes a dark turn when Mia's investigation draws unwanted attention.

The book's gripping plot and compelling characters draw readers into a world of secrets, betrayals, and the pursuit of justice. The story delves into the lengths people will go to protect the truth, the sacrifices made for the greater good, and the power of unity in the face of oppression.

Content Warning

This book contains realistic and psychological accurate descriptions of physical and psychological torture and suicide. If you struggle with these topics, consult a professional before reading this book.


ISBN (Print): 978-3-757567-94-1
Price (Print): 15,99€
Pages: 272 Pages, Softcover/ Paperback

ISBN (eBook): 978-3-757569-41-9
Price (eBook): regular 6,49€ - Reduced sale prices will be announced on instagram.

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Cover Picture: Damyoung Yoo
Publisher: Self Published