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Multimedia Solutions & Consulting

Multimedia Solutions

Tobisk Media can support you in selecting the right mutlimedia solution for your business or project as well as implement the optimal concept.

After analyzing your requirements Tobisk Media will provide you with an outline of the concept and explain it to you. After you chose to accept it, we will together implement it or help you selecting the right third party contractors for the job.

Live Streaming

Tobisk Media can provide a customized live streaming experience, from a single webcam stream to a complex multi camera production with up to 6 different camera angles, preproduced video playback and interactive graphics.

We can either stream to any RTMP enabled streaming server (such as Youtube, Vimeo and similar services), simulate a USB-Webcam (for interactive Zoom calls), playout the Live video via SDI or HDMI (e.g. for your Live Audience inside of your venue) and record the stream to flash media. For that we use real hardware based video mixers supporting SDI Video up to 1080p.

Together with our partners, we can also produce company image films, adverts and documentative videos as well as interactive live content such as polls, chats and attendee lists.

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If you are interested, contact Tobias with details about your project. Send an email to tobi[at]